Top Most Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites. Social media may provide different social actions. For example, Facebook is a popular social networking site that allows sharing updates, photos, joining events and a variety of other activities. Twitter is a social site designed to let people share short messages or “updates” with others.

The Top Most Social Media Marketing Trends in 2018:

Nowadays, there are many changes in social media marketing trends. New technologies are invented and many features are launched on every social media network. Mainly, Marketers are integrating social media marketing with core marketing strategies. So, keep on updating yourself on latest marketing trends. Let’s have a small look at different Social Networking trends.

  • Chatbots will Satisfy the Customer services Faster


Chatbots are instant connection providers with customers from all over the world. These solve the customer issues and fast delivering online. Chatbots are not new to Social Media. But, they are no longer the robotics existence and clunky machines used to be. But now, these are more developed and get smarter in responding queries and are capable of creating an instant connection with the customers. Facebook reported that there are around 1,00,000 monthly active bots on Facebook messenger. According to Research of facebook, chatbots are currently, millennials with nearly 60% had already used chatbots and 71% like to use chatbot experience from major brands.

  • Ephemeral Content Providing Best Engagement Rate in the Trending World


Most of the ephemeral content is shared up to 24 hours and then disappears forever. Brands are now creating content for their social channels as well as a separate strategy for their ephemeral content marketing. Snapchat was one of the first social networks to adopt the feature of sharing the content that disappears. Later this trend had picked by several social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp. This became one of the most popular social media marketing trends. It helps the brands to market their product effectively. Having a look on Instagram, many brands are using this profile for their best, high-quality content and interesting stories for more real-time content. For example, National Geographic engages 350 million combined social followers through ephemeral content. Still, there are 250 million stories are available every day to rate your count higher.

  • Augmented Reality Usage

The usage of Augmented Reality on mobile devices provides a niche. They engage the marketers to reach their target audience. This is because, It is quick, easy and very interactive. This year Smartphone Gaint Apple had announced the launch of iPhone 8 and iPhone X which provides users with new augmented reality experiences. So, More likely many social channels are planning themselves to introduce new ways of integrating AR into their platforms. Snapchat rolled out a new AR feature which allows users to their Bitmoji and protects themselves into the real-world through app’s camera. Similarly, IKEA rolled out “Place” an app for users to preview furniture in their home before buying. This is a great and new way to increase conversions by showing customers how their products will look in the surroundings in their own home before buying. Therefore, social media will help AR into the real world.

  • Influencer Marketing Will Continue to Take Over

influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is not a new thing on social media. But the drawback of using this trend is there are vast a number of players trying to tap into Influencer market. Customers expect authenticity and brands provide a higher engagement rate. Viewers became bored of seeing brands with over 10,000 Instagram followers to promote teeth whitening or protein shakes etc. Building a meaningful relationship with influencers will be a key in 2018. Maintaining these relationships is very complex and requires personalized messaging.

  • Videos and More Videos


Videos are the most effective social marketing trend to grab the attention of customers for the first three seconds. Videos catch the user attention and deliver the message in a fraction of seconds. in 2017, 90% of all content is shared by users is through Videos. By 2020, the video will make up 80% of all online consumers internet traffic and gets face to face conversation with the audience. Already, Facebook Live, Snapchat, Instagram Live, and Twitter are helping to generate engagement and build followers.

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